Evoemo – a company that includes:

  • NeuroLab research neuro-laboratory;
  • neurotech training center;
  • coworking for the development and manufacture of neural interfaces Evoemo.

Our goal

We intend to bring neurotechnologies from the research market to the market of mass products and services. Creating products that will be in demand everywhere and will radically change the lifestyle of millions of people, the face of the modern world.

Our team

The ability to track a person’s emotional states and correct them with neurogadgets is what inspires us. Employees of the company possess high professional competencies, however, they remain flexible and striving for the new, are tirelessly in creative search. In spirit, the Evoemo team are active researchers and experimenters.

The head of the company and the ideologist of the project, Aleksej Reznichenko, is an experienced manager, behind whom are a number of successful implemented business projects. Leading experts and scientists from various fields cooperate with the company – from technical to neuroscience .


Public NeuroLab Evoemo is a platform for conducting a variety of experiments and research along the lines of neuroscience and neurotechnology. Both for scientists and specialists, and outside enthusiasts.


Our company has prepared unique educational courses where the neuroheadset is used as a key learning tool. These are courses on mental development, emotional intelligence, creativity, improvement of cognitive abilities.

Neuroheadset Evoemo

We create the first in Ukraine neuroheadset of our own design and production – Evoemo. Complex device with a variety of sensors and special software. It allows to obtain a large array of information for detecting mental and physiological reactions of a person.

Evoemo is dedicated to global global expansion. We are ready for rapid growth and we hope to soon open our representative offices, as well as to develop a partner network around the world.

We are convinced that neurotechnologies and wearable neurodevices are a promising and important trend in the modern world, a point of revolutionary changes and breakthrough discoveries, a valuable product for the mass consumer market and business.

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